The ultimate guide to positioning crystal jewellery to gain their full healing benefits

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Earth has its music for those who will listen’? we believe that it is a blessing to tune into what mother nature has to offer. Crystals (aka precious and semi-precious stones) are one of the foundations to a balanced quality of life. Know how to use and position them correctly, you’re on to winner.

The natural crystals that the earth produces for us shouldn’t be taken for granted, in this post you we will delve into the wonders of gem stones and crystals, understanding the best places to wear them.

How do crystals heal?

Crystals work through vibrations, connecting with different energy fields within your body. Different crystals will give off different resonance, so understanding the attributes of each crystal is highly important. For a deeper insight into the properties and benefits of our top semi precious stones, look out for our next blog post ‘Firkins pick: Our top 10 gem stones’. Coming soon!

Each Crystal has its own healing power. For instance malachite contains copper which can assist joint and muscular problems, in the same way a copper bracelet would. Small vibrational doses of the minerals in the stone are absorbed externally, aiding the healing process. Who’d of thought a piece of rock would benefit you in such a way?!

Top ways to wear your crystal jewellery

Precious and semi precious stones are commonly cut, polished and formed to create some fabulous pieces of jewellery. This could be in the way of pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and so on.

Necklace and pendants

One of the most popular ways to gain the full benefits of the gem stone is in a necklace form. Whether it’s a pendant on a chain or a semi precious stone necklace, the position of a crystal on your chest will link with your throat and heart chakras.

Turquoise can be related to the throat chakra, being a protective stone that can clear negative energy it is a popular choice. It is said that turquoise realises inhibitions and allows expression, something that we all need for a healthy lifestyle. It is an easily obtained crystal, so confidence and communication doesn’t have to cost!

Another favoured gem to wear as a necklace is Amethyst, which can be anything from deep purple to a light lavender shade. Amethyst is an ideal choice to wear as jewellery, placing it over the heart transmits negative energy flow into love.

Drop Earrings and Ear Studs

Whilst your ears are not within the main chakra alignment, wearing semi precious stone earrings can still give you some of the healing effects you crave so. Positioned between the powerful ‘Third eye chakra’ and the ‘Throat Chakra’ Lapis Lazuli and Garnet are a fine choice for this region. Lapis Lazuli best positioned above the diaphragm, it is said to ease the pain of migraine headaches and over come hearing loss… that’s right, you heard ;)


Malachite is a wonderful versatile stone, with strong healing powers. Holding the stone in your hand or wearing it in the form of a ring can help with anything from arthritis, fractures and travel sickness. Resonating with the female sexual organs, Malachite can help aid menstural cramps and facilitates child birth.

Advice on how to position gem stones correctly can be slightly overwhelming to begin with. However once you find the right crystals that works for you and your needs, it can be a life changing element. Not to mention a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection!

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